We offer a range of engineering and machining solutions .

We use the latest 5 axis CNC machines and milling techniques to move a cutting tool or part along up to 5 axes concurrently, overcoming technical challenges such as tilted surfaces or complex 3D shapes.

Our team is recognised for the quality of their work, honed by their many years of experience in, and deep knowledge gained about, the processes to be followed. Whether you require a one-off item, or wish a small pre-production run of prototype tooling or components, contact our team for all the help you require.

We can produce many types of tools including injection and pressure dies, prototype and vacuum forming moulds and tools, as well as lost wax tooling. Dies impression inserts are machined on our 5-axis high-speed machining centres, giving excellent finishes requiring minimum polishing. Contact us with any prototype component requirements.

We can cut from a wide range of materials, including various grades of aluminium, brass, stainless steel, ABS, model board, nylon perspex and delrin to name but a few

CAD, or Computer-aided Design, is the use of computer software to design a product. By recording specific dimensions, materials, and tolerances we can give you a highly accurate and detailed model of your product. We offer a high quality CAD design service that will assist you in optimising your product. Our CAD design engineer can help you at any stage of the process whether it’s just a one off CAD model or the full package of taking an initial idea right through to setting it up for mass production.

The goal of reverse engineering is often to duplicate the function, or a part of the function, of an object in order to duplicate or "back engineer" some aspect of its functioning.